IBm X31 review

It's been a while that i've been use

IBM - X31 (Before it've been Change to lenovo)

it's First Generation of Centrino.

That is very hitech but in 2004

there Spec of them is

Pentuim M 1.4Ghz

512 MB of Ram


it has no Cd Rom like other X-series for cutting weight

i'm using windows XP but if i'm running in Mine-sight (Mine Pit design Program)

temp mihjt could raise up to 80 'c that enough for keep warming a cup of Coffe

anyway for my opinion it's feel great when you touch them and type them.even in the dark room that u have to prenentation X31 have a little think Light for your Keybord
if you want for a bussiness man feeling X-series is your Answer

By : To'M@ZZu

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